Advanced Cider Making Workshop

Advanced Cider Making Workshop


Introducing our Advanced Cider Making workshop! A follow on programme to our introductory Cider Making workshop. Sundays 9:30am - 3:30pm.

Join us for a six hour advanced workshop to craft cider making. We’ll pick up on our foundation course, getting into the chemistry behind a great cider recipe . After lunch, we’ll apply this theory and discuss the difference between specialised cider processes, including the best options for your recipes. As usual, there will be plenty of cider to sample too!

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Workshop Itinerary

09:30am - Arrival & Morning Session

  • House keeping notes

  • Equipment Familiarisation and Terminology

  • Re-cap on basis cider making

  • Plastic, Steel, and Wood fermentation

  • Wild Yeasts, Pitched Yeasts, and Keeving

  • Chemistry Theory & Blending Techniques

  • Practical Laboratory analysis Ph levels, TA testing, ABV testing, SG testing

  • Chemical, Sugar and water additions and the different processes

12:00pm - Lunch

Cooked lunch at The folly in Napton

1:00pm - Afternoon Session

  • Blending of test ciders using results from experiments

  • Refining your cider making

  • Bottle selection and specifications

  • Pasteurising, in bottle and flash pasteurising

  • SO2 and other chemical additions to cider, whats what?

  • Filtering, Cross flow filter, Earth filters, sheet filters and Bag filters.

  • Forced carbonation Techniques, Pressurised tanks and chilling.

  • Naturally Keeved and naturally carbonated cider Techniques

  • Charmat Style (Naturally carbonated and filtered) Cider

  • Bottle Conditioned Cider

  • Champenoise style Cider

3:30pm - Closing

Final Questions and Farewell.