Cider Making Workshop

Cider Making Workshop


Our foundation Cider Making workshop is back! Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm.

Join us for a five hour introductory workshop to craft cider making. We’ll start by touring our facilities in detail and give an overview into the craft cider industry, including a few of our well learned lessons over a cooked lunch at The Folly. We’ll discuss the science behind the cider and dive into the details of developing a cider recipe from start to finish. You will of course get to sample our full range of ciders too!

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Workshop Itinerary

10:00am - Arrive & Tour the Warehouse

  • House keeping notes

  • A Cidery Tour to start the day

  • Introduction of the people involved.

  • Quick Q&A then a cup of tea, coffee and biscuits :)

10:30am - Inside the Cidery

  • A brief introduction about the Cidery as a business

  • Discussing the process involved start to finish

  • A look into the different equipment used

  • Discussing different apple varieties, pros and cons

  • The basic science behind the cider making process

  • Common problems you may experience on the way

  • The sterilising process and cleaning equipment

  • Cider Tasting

12:00pm - Lunch

Cooked lunch at the Folly Inn Napton on the Hill

1:00pm - The Process and Equipment Familiarisation

  • Harvesting, Picking, Handling, preparing, and washing.

  • Different methods to scatter the apples

  • The Different ways to press the juice

  • How to plan for yields and containers

  • Moving and filtering the Juice, Re-racking methods

  • Analysing the cider

  • Record keeping

  • The blending process during and after fermentation

  • Maturing times

  • Bottling Techniques sterilising and cleaning

  • Bag in Box options

  • Capping

  • Labelling

  • Q&A

3:00pm - Closing

Final Questions and Farewell.